Sunday, 15 September 2013

Couch Progress: On the Brink of a New Story Arc!

Pages: 623 (handwritten)
Approximate Words: 186,900

Progress on the novel has been okay this past week! I managed to write a lot of the week's words in one go so I've had a few days to put together some posts to get this blog rolling.

Currently I'm between plot arcs, at a spot that could be tough, or could be a springboard into a whole new burst of productivity. Thankfully, at a goal of one page a day, getting through shouldn't be too difficult.

There's not much else to say really except it's going good. I'm looking forward to coming back in a week's time with another seven pages.

Just a note about the blog before I go: I've worked out a schedule to keep things consistent: on Sunday I'll post my novel progress, on Tuesday I'll post a book review, on Thursday I'll try to get an article of some kind out (providing I can think of something to write about), and miscellaneous posts could come out any day between. I might not adhere to this schedule strictly, but I'll try. The main goal is getting stuff out there for people to read.

Also, during NaNoWriMo, this schedule will be put on hold as I write about my daily progress - I'm hoping there will be a lot. I might still try to get writing articles out each week based on my experiences, but it depends on how tied up with the novel I am.

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