The Great Couch Happening of 1969

The Great Couch Happening of 1969
A Travesty by Kelza Pilkington

It's 1969, and Brian 'Lazuli' Spencer is having the worst time of his life. He's been kicked out of his house, his friends are leading exciting lives while he sits behind the counter in his uncle's record store, and to top it off, his tent has been stolen, rendering him completely homeless.
When a local record company hears his demo and offers him a chance, Laz thinks he's got an opportunity to have the career he's always wanted – groupies, copious amounts of alcohol, heady, hallucinatory musical forays into the deepest reaches of the human psyche and experience. But when he seeks out the studio, it is to discover that they've gone bust. So now he's out of a job.
But he isn't alone. Local trio The Warlocks are looking for a new label, and a new guitarist. After drowning their sorrows at the local pub, Lazuli and his new friends stumble onto the land of the rich and reclusive Richard Grimshaw, who isn't too pleased with their arrival. And as they wait for the police to come and drag them away, they decide to search for loose change in the room that is their temporary prison. But one of the couches they search down is no ordinary couch. It contains an alternate reality, and to enter it would create a paradox that would smash together every reality in existence...

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