Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Couch Progress: Camp NaNo Day 1 - Beginnings

I've had a good start on Camp NaNo! My stats are as follows:

Words today: 2166
Words this month: 2166
Total words: 281,920

I'm still writing beginnings for all of the characters I will be dealing with this month. It feels nice, though, finally giving them space on the page to breathe. They started off as background characters, spoken about but rarely shown, and that made me sad. It bugged me from the get-go that my novel seemed to be kind of male-dominated.

One thing I'm proud of today is how much I've managed to get done despite spending so much time on the PS3. I admit it, I am the sort of person who will spend a whole day playing whichever game I'm currently addicted to - for the last half a year or so it's been Final Fantasy XIV, but the beauty of that game is that there can be quite a bit of dead time if you're waiting for a dungeon; I like to spend this time writing.

Obviously I worry that after today the motivation will begin to fade, but I hope that once I get past all the beginnings and things I can do what I usually do, completely lose the plot (literally) and start to actually have some fun sending my characters all across the Multiverse and into the weirdest of situations.

And of course there's the thought of all those words that I'll have when this month is good and done. Delicious words.   

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